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    Imperial is incorporated with the primary goal of providing quality transcription services on time. During our transcription journey of 24 years, we closely realized the importance of data privacy, quality, and prompt responsiveness to our clients, and as the expectations of our clients widened so did we keep on developing to successfully meet these expectations swiftly.

    Our Services

    Medical Transcription

    Imperial offers world-class and highly secure outsourcing solution to get their non-core yet highly important and sensitive processes, like medical transcription and other administrative services to us.

    Legal Transcription

    We offer 100% human-led transcription at fast speed. Our well-trained transcription experts understand the nuances of legal terminologies and idiosyncratic speech patterns. 

    Interview Transcription

    Whether you’re looking to transcribe professional interviews or casual discussions and debates, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise in a wide array of subjects help us deliver the best quality results to you.

    Text Translation

    Preserving the essence of the original text is paramount to our clients, and we are committed to delivering it in the most refined manner possible. When you choose us, you are opting for a level of professionalism and output quality that you rightfully deserve.

    Audio Translation

    At Imperial, audio translation is one of our star services. We recognize that it requires meticulous attention to detail and care. In today’s globalised and interconnected world, our clients come from various geographies and industries.

    human-led transcription

    We use 100% human-led transcription to deliver 99%+ accuracy and precision to every client. We count this as one of the most eminent parts of the service because it almost eliminates the probability of homophones errors and humans can understand different accents and dialects, unlike machines.

    Transcribers and managers are permanent employees of the company. The necessary records, including the non-disclosure agreement, letters of appointment, sharing of policies, etc., are properly retained by the corporation as required by law.

    precision and accuracy

    The company’s founders started with a background in medical transcription in 1997 and understand the importance of precision and accuracy in the delivery of services. This vast experience of the promoters acknowledges that the financial performance of the company depends mainly on how effectively the company satisfies the requirement of its clients.

    Lowest attrition rate. Most of the managers, quality analysts, and transcriptionists have been associated with the company for a minimum of three years to more than two decades.

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