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At Imperial, we set out on a journey to provide the best-in-class translation services, transcription services, and healthcare support services across the globe. Over two decades, we’ve shown unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence in everything we do and being rewarded as one of the top translation agencies in London. We duly recognise the vital role of technology and data privacy in addition to consistently high quality service with quick turnaround time and prompt responsiveness.

The inception of our journey involves a small team of professionals driven by the ambition to establish a global enterprise, at a time when the internet was considered a luxury. With limited resources but boundless enthusiasm, we embarked on a remarkable journey that has brought us to where we are today.

Since the beginning, our team integrated around a shared mission: surpassing the expectations of our clients. Our dedication to quality is intrinsic, and we invest our best efforts into every project, regardless of its scale.

As we refined our expertise and broadened our reach, our clientele expanded, and our reputation for excellence became firmly established. Through our promised actions, we consistently achieved better than desired outcomes, establishing ourselves as a trustworthy partner for your healthcare requirements, as well as translation and transcription services.

years of experience

100% Human Transcription Services

We customise our execution to the way you want.

Presently, we proudly offer translation and transcription services exclusively led by human transcribers and translators, backed by a 99.5% accuracy guarantee. Recognizing our clients’ high expectations, our team remains available 24×7, year-round, delivering the quality and expertise that has become synonymous with Imperial.

All of our transcription, translation, healthcare support service, and other allied services we provide adheres to crucial regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Our mission is to guarantee the secure storage and handling of each client’s data, and we proactively implement measures to prevent any data breach.

Even after all these years, we carry forward the values that have been the cornerstone of our success: quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We persist in pushing boundaries, venturing into new frontiers, and embracing the challenges of an ever-evolving world. Our commitment to being the one-stop destination for all your transcription, translation, audio processing, and healthcare support requirements remains resolute, and our dedication to our customers endures unwaveringly.

Key Highlights

100% Human-Led Transcription

99.5%+ Accuracy Guaranteed

GDPR and HIPPA Compliance

24+ Years of Transcription Experience

How it Works

Upload Recordings

The dictation enters our secure cloud-based system as a job.

Transcription Process

The job get allocated to a qualified transcriber by Team Lead

Quality Check

The job transfers to the Quality Analyst process to ensure 100% accuracy.

Get Transcripts

The final transcript is delivered overnight.

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