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Imperial has established a reputation for accurate and high-quality transcription services in all of the countries we serve. We have done so by targeting our approach to quality control, which we have customized to our client’s preferences for over two decades. Quality control is a key component of all our transcription processes. We stay in close contact with our clients to better understand their business needs and always strive to not just meet, but exceed their expectations.

The steps we take to ensure quality are:

Client satisfaction – To achieve this, each Imperial employee – transcribers, quality controllers, publishers, HR, finance, office administrators and managers – is part of the centralized quality program. All employees are definitively focused on completing their assigned core activity with the necessary authorities and accountabilities.

Adherence to work standards – To maintain a complete quality-centric approach, every employee of Imperial receives extensive training from time to time to ensure that their best interest lies in moving ahead in the process. Consistent and close adherence to work standards is essential to ensure seamless quality. It also makes it a lot simpler to diagnose the problem as it occurs.

Quality checks – Our well-defined and well-managed quality process at Imperial requires that every dictation undergo quality checks before we send the transcription to the client. Certain dictations that are termed “difficult” by transcribers undergo another level of quality check to maintain quality. The administrator checks the final transcription to make sure all the text and formatting is intact. The whole process is well documented and includes recording time spent on each step, i.e. transcribing, proofreading, quality assurance, etc.

Quality auditing – To check the effectiveness of the quality process, high-level audits are conducted by experienced and professional auditors. Their work involves critically verifying errors and judging the effectiveness of quality analysts. Auditors help reduce and eliminate redundancies and mistakes in the system. We do random audits of 20% to 25% of the total work done. Strong foundations underlying the protocol ensure that 25% of audits have 100% impact.

Documenting errors/redundancies – Any errors or redundancies identified during an audit are documented and a feedback package is maintained. This folder is shared instantaneously among team members so they can change their work practices immediately and continue on their resilient quality journey.

Analyzing and targeting root cause – We feel that the most vital point in preventing the repetition of any negative feedback is the critical analysis of the root cause of any error that occurred and then taking necessary steps to rectify that. Following analysis, operational standards are reviewed and revised as necessary. We firmly believe that the root cause of the problem must be addressed to eliminate the likelihood of its recurrence.

Culture of teamwork – Company culture is a major contributor to how employees perform in a business. We are based on our collaborative culture to ensure quality. We continuously train our skilled, open-minded, motivated, and dedicated employees to maintain quality standards in transcription. To encourage a culture of teamwork, we invest heavily on team-building exercises. Team lunches and holiday parties are a regular affair at our organization.

Our philosophy of continuous training and structured feedback discussions allows us to increase quality and efficiency and reduce the cost of service. Imperial consistently revises its targets and accomplishments to ensure every client is happy and satisfied.

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