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Administrative Tasks

Imperial harnesses the latest technological advancements to streamline diverse processes for clients, enabling the efficient management of administrative tasks and boosting productivity.

With Imperial, medical professionals can delegate their administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate on delivering medical services to their patients. In this context, we provide dedicated remote virtual assistant service to efficiently handle all your administrative tasks.

The dedicated virtual assistant specialises in:

  1. Appointment Setting & Documentation
  2. Email & Phone Answering
  3. Research & Administrative Support
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Data Processing
  6. Email Management
  7. Admin Tasks
  8. Calendar Management
  9. Taking Inbound/ Outbound Calls

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Virtual Assistant

100% Human Transcription Services

We customise our execution to the way you want.

Our extensive experience within the administrative system positions us as a valuable service provider, having worked in this domain for a considerable period. Our virtual assistants contribute to an overall productivity boost for professionals. We assist organisations and individuals in concentrating on their core expertise and primary responsibilities, ensuring maximum results by entrusting tasks to us, which we manage expertly. Our commitment involves deploying top-notch professionals and practices to ensure you receive our dedicated support.

Other Back Office Services:

Healthcare Information Management (HIM)

We understand that as medical professional, you are super busy focussing on your practice. After evaluating the patients and making assessments, filing the findings is the crucial next step that you have to do or in other words doing health info management. In a busy atmosphere with many patients waiting for treatment, the importance of readily available PHI is paramount.

That’s why we offer the convenience of remote PHI filing to medical professionals.

Imperial services make it easier to update the PHI onto the portal remotely. Imperial offers services to established medical professionals who want help with PHI management so their focus can stay on the patients. Updating PHI onto the portal remotely reduces the added stress of reporting and filing by self or by inhouse secretary, making the process more efficient for our clients.

We fully comprehend our clients’ concerns regarding data privacy, and we guarantee that you need not worry about data being misplaced or misused.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (HRCM)

The importance of medical insurance is undeniable, and it can help patients get the best out of medical facilities. However, for medical professionals carrying out the technical non-medical task of filing the claims can be an added stress to their medical obligations. That is one of the primary reasons health professionals opt for services offered by Imperial to keep their professional priorities in check.

Imperial helps medical professionals file for Mediclaim. Medical professionals can hand over the process of compiling and arranging the necessary documentation to Imperial professionals. After carefully examining the documentation and following the correct procedure, we ensure your claims get filed properly, and you get the desired results in due course.

Imperial has considerable experience collaborating with medical institutions, and filing medical claims to insurance companies is just one of the many services we offer. Our skilled professionals excel in managing these processes and are readily available to address any queries our clients may have.

So, next time you seek ‘health information management programs near me’, look no further.

How it Works

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The dictation enters our secure cloud-based system as a job.

Transcription Process

The job allocated to a qualified transcriber using smart AI

Quality Check

The job transfers to the Quality Analyst process to ensure 100% accuracy.

Get Transcripts

The final transcript is delivered overnight.

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