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In the array of services offered by Imperial, audio translation stands out as one of our stellar offerings. We acknowledge the necessity for meticulous attention to detail and care in this service. It is equally crucial for the translator to grasp the distinctive nuances of a language that might otherwise be lost in translation. This emphasis on retaining all information ensures that we deliver an accurate, high-quality, and professional translation in the UK.

In the current globalized and interconnected landscape, our clients hail from diverse geographical locations and industries. Our emphasis is on recruiting native, skilled, and highly experienced translators capable of closely considering client requirements and delivering quality translations.

The Imperial translation team is proficient in a wide range of European and Asian languages, including several regional Indian languages. Their extensive experience allows them to discern subtle differences between various dialects, ensuring that they capture details that might be missed by an untrained ear.

With 24+ years in the industry, we serve clients worldwide and take pride in being their trusted provider of audio translation services. Our commitment to maintaining quality standards is exemplified through the extensive use of human-led transcription.

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Audio Translation

100% Human Translation Services

We customise our execution to the way you want.

Our team acknowledges the paramount importance of time in our clients’ lives, and accordingly, we are committed to delivering results with exceptional speed. The ability to provide swift turnaround times is a distinctive feature of our service. This proficiency directly stems from the extensive experience and language mastery of our translators.

In recruiting translators, we prioritize natives who possess an intimate understanding of the target language, catering to a global clientele. While non-native translators may exhibit significant language skills, we recognize the potential for nuances to be overlooked. Hence, we prioritize the selection of native translators and subject them to a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet our stringent standards before joining our team.

Our proficiency extends across diverse domains, encompassing medical, financial, aeronautics, and more. Through years of collaboration with clients in these fields, we have garnered extensive experience, setting industry benchmarks for translation excellence. The testimony of our global clientele attests to our unwavering commitment, and we consistently adapt our practices to meet their evolving expectations. Our solutions contribute to the establishment of enduring relationships with clients, and our ongoing efforts are dedicated to delivering high-quality work within their preferred timeframes.

Key features of our audio translation services include:

Best-in-Class Linguists

We selectively choose skilled linguists from Europe, South America, China, Japan, India, and several other Asian nations to join our team for audio translation to text. For each project, we carefully pair native speakers with significant experience in audio translation across various industries and sectors. Our linguists undergo rigorous training to comprehend language intricacies, acknowledge cultural nuances, and grasp industry-specific terminology. This ensures the provision of accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

Bespoke Solutions

We acknowledge the unique needs and preferences of each client, offering personalised audio translation solutions tailored precisely to their requirements. We actively engage in close collaboration with our clients to gain a profound understanding of their requirements. This enables us to create solutions that not only meet but surpass their expectations.

Fast Turnaround

We ensure rapid turnaround times while maintaining our established quality standards. Your audio translations are delivered within your specified timeframe, assisting you in meeting deadlines and seamlessly adhering to your schedule.

Competitive Pricing

At Imperial, we endeavour to offer exceptional audio translation services that are both accessible and affordable for everyone. This commitment has motivated us to create competitive pricing options tailored to accommodate your budget without compromising on quality.

How it Works

Upload Recordings

The dictation enters our secure cloud-based system as a job.

Transcription Process

The job allocated to a qualified transcriber using smart AI

Quality Check

The job transfers to the Quality Analyst process to ensure 100% accuracy.

Get Transcripts

The final transcript is delivered overnight.

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