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Imperial adheres to a transparent and pre-disclosed pricing structure. Our pricing model incorporates a range of value-added services, making our offerings not only feasible but also worthwhile for clients. With our extensive transcription experience spanning over 24 years, we are well-positioned to deliver high-quality transcription services at budget-friendly prices.

Our pricing begins at £0.95 per audio minute, offering top-notch quality and overnight service. As one of the reputable transcription companies in the UK, we take pride in extending the advantages of our operational efficiency to our clients, delivering affordable transcription services.

The pricing can be tailored to align with your business and budgetary needs. Our pricing model is adapted to our clients’ specific requirements. Additionally, we offer alternative pricing criteria such as per line and per page for our medical and legal transcription clients.

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100% Human Transcription Services

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  • Submit your inquiry by completing this form to access high-quality audio transcription services in the UK.
    Submit your inquiry by completing this form to access high-quality audio transcription services in the UK.
  • The specialist will provide a quote along with an offer for a complimentary sample.
  • Upon your acceptance of the quote, we will transcribe and send you the sample transcription file for your review.
  • You will then receive the final quote for your project cost.
  • After receiving your confirmation, we will commence work on your project.

We ensure that all of our transcription processes are 100% human based. We also assure 99%+ accurate transcriptions backed by our proven three-tier quality check process on each assignment we deliver.

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