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While any company providing translation and transcription services may pledge cutting-edge tools, infrastructure, and well-trained transcribers, what sets our business apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, processing time, and consistency. This distinction is earned through our 24 years of experience, serving numerous clients, including physicians, practice managers, attorneys, and researchers. Our transcription services in London distinguish ourselves as:


We employ 100% human-led transcription services, guaranteeing 99%+ accuracy and precision for every client. This is considered a crucial aspect of our service, significantly reducing the likelihood of homophone errors. Human transcribers excel in understanding various accents and dialects, a capability that machines may lack.


The quality analysts and managers are permanent staff members of the company. The essential documentation, such as non-disclosure agreements, letters of appointment, and policy sharing, is meticulously maintained by the corporation to meet legal requirements.


The company's founders, with a foundation in transcription since 1997, grasp the significance of precision and accuracy in service delivery. The extensive experience of the promoters recognises that the financial success of the company hinges largely on how effectively it meets the needs of its clients.


Lowest attrition rate. The majority of managers, quality analysts, and transcriptionists have been affiliated with the company for a duration ranging from three years to over two decades.

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