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In today’s interconnected global landscape, language is no longer a hurdle. Rather, it can serve as your most powerful tool for communication. At Imperial, we offer quality translation services in London UK, empowering our clients to convey information seamlessly without worrying about missing any crucial details.

Text translation demands meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of contextual nuances. Preserving the essence of the original text is paramount to our clients, and we are committed to delivering it in the most refined manner possible. Our handpicked team of text to text translation experts works round-the-clock to identify and eliminate any upsetting errors our clients may have to deal with and maintain the highest standards of quality.

When you choose us, you are opting for a level of professionalism and output quality that you rightfully deserve. With over 24 years of collective experience, we have built a robust service structure that is driven by this solid foundation

years of experience

100% Human Translation Services

We customise our execution to the way you want.

Our approach commences with a meticulous understanding of our client’s requirements. Whether they seek a comprehensive translation or a concise summary of the text, the choice lies with our clients. We tailor our services to their preferences without compromising the elevated standards of our output quality.

Our team consists of seasoned linguists with substantial experience in the field of translation, positioning us as one of the best translation companies in the UK. Their unwavering dedication and extensive knowledge are invaluable assets, allowing us to consistently uphold high standards and garner commendable testimonials.

Our translation proficiency covers a diverse range of subjects, including medical, market research, technical content for corporations, and more. Each of these fields requires meticulous attention and years of experience, qualities we have acquired while serving clients across these industries. We leverage this wealth of experience to ensure the precise needs of our clients are met.

Our extensive experience enables us to significantly expedite the translation process. Despite our impressive turnaround time, we never compromise on the quality of our work. We understand the importance of time for both our clients and ourselves. While numerous tools available online offer rapid results, the human touch and nuanced understanding of text are irreplaceable.

How it Works

Upload Recordings

The dictation enters our secure cloud-based system as a job.

Transcription Process

The job allocated to a qualified transcriber using smart AI

Quality Check

The job transfers to the Quality Analyst process to ensure 100% accuracy.

Get Transcripts

The final transcript is delivered overnight.

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